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Yakov SOROKER Ukrainian musical elements in classical music

Источник: Yakov Soroker  Ukrainian Musical Elements in Classical Music//Edmonton, Toronto: Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Press, 1995

This monograph is the first comprehensive account of the influence of Ukrainian motifs on the classical music of Europe and Russia from the eighteenth century through the first half of the twentieth.

Going beyond earlier, fragmentary treatments that considered direct Ukrainian borrowings by classical composers, Yakov Soroker analyzes Ukrainian elements in the musical language of the composers and regions under study. Beginning with a survey of the modes, melodies and rhythms characteristic of Ukrainian folk music, Soroker discusses the role of these elements in the works of the Viennese classical school, nineteenth-century German, Austrian and Hungarian composers, Frederic Chopin and later Polish composers, Bela Bartok, and Russian composers, including such major figures as Musorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Rakhmaninov, and Prokofiev, and lesser lights such as Khandoshkin, Serov and Kabalevsky.

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