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Ukraine to memorialise historic Lviv synagogue destroyed by Nazis


Municipal authorities in the city of Lviv in Ukraine are designing a monument marking the site where one of the region’s first Reform synagogues once stood before the Nazis destroyed it.

A preliminary design calls for paint or red-tinted bricks that would trace the contours of the Temple Synagogue, whose foundations lie under Old Market Square, the website TvoeMisto reported on Friday.

“We also want to add greenery and remove a few kiosks so that they do not block the entrance from the tram stop to the relevant part of the square,” architect Olga Krivoruchko, who is preparing the project in consultation with Jewish organisations and local business owners, told the news website.

The Temple Synagogue was a classical building with a large dome that was inspired by the main Synagogue in Vienna on the Seitenstettengasse. The Nazis blew it up in 1941. it was built in 1845 on the foundations of an earlier, Orthodox synagogue. It was one of the first Reform synagogues built in Galicia, an area that is now split between Ukraine and Poland.

The plans for commemorationsare part of a memorial initiative in Lviv that began with the 2016 incorporation of the ruins of the Golden Rose Synagogue into what the city calls the “Space of Synagogues” — a park-like area with some commemorative plaques and subtle design elements.